Scobert Gardens

Scobert Gardens

The playground at Scobert Gardens in Eugene, Oregon is the first on the West Coast to use a rubberized surface. The playground was designed with safety and activity in mind, as well as aesthetic appeal. With soft-top play structures, accessible paths and seating, spray showers and changing stations, it’s also perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Scobert Gardens is home to a number of unique features, including more than 125 mature trees that create stunning shade throughout the park. The landscaping is so spectacular that many travelers stop by just to take it all in. And because the park is so central to downtown Eugene, the surrounding area sees plenty of foot traffic as well. Come and visit this amazing attraction with your friends and family at 1100-1180 W 4th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402.  More about Pacific Northwest

The Scobert Gardens Story

Scobert Gardens in Eugene started as a small retirement community in 1954. Back then, its residents were both elderly and disabled. Over the years, Scobert has expanded to include a variety of housing options, but the park remains a core feature of the community. The park is also home to the Oregon Zoo, an aquatic center, swimming pools and a number of other activities. The popularity of the park has grown so much that the City of Eugene now calls it the “third coast.” And the city has even developed a website ( that focuses on the park’s beauty and amenities.

The Rest of the Park Is Just As Good!

Scobert Gardens is just one part of a larger complex that includes a community center, senior center and swimming pools. Outside the park, seniors also have access to an exercise center, an indoor-outdoor pool, a racquet club, dining and more. The Eugene zoo, which is also part of Scobert Gardens, is a great place for kids. With more than 1,000 species on display, the zoo is home to some of the most diverse animals in the world.

What Kind of Rubber is Used for the Surface?

The rubber used to create the surface of the playground at Scobert Gardens is S-2. S-2 is the same rubber used in areas like freeways, marine applications, airfield runways, airports and railroads. It’s a high-performance rubber that provides a smoother, more controlled surface than alternatives. The S-2 rubberized surface at Scobert Gardens is both resistant to cracks and more durable than standard synthetic surfaces. It’s also more abrasion resistant, meaning it won’t wear down as quickly. The rubber surface also has antimicrobial properties. This means that it can fight off bacteria and algae, making it a safer option for areas where water is sprayed frequently. Next blog post

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you have to have a child-friendly new playground in Eugene, Oregon, Scobert Gardens is the place to visit. The park is the only one in the area that uses a rubberized surface. And the design is perfect for both toddlers and preschoolers. For more information about the park and other area attractions, visit the Eugene Convention and Visitors Bureau website.

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