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Eugene Relines and Repairs

Pacific Northwest Implant Studio is proud to offer traditional dentures, partial dentures, and permanent dentures. We can also make repairs to these devices when they break or wear down over time.

Our team can often get you the care you need in a single appointment.

Relines and Denture Repairs

Relining is a process we use to fix dentures that are broken, but it is also used to make the fit more comfortable. It is less expensive than getting new dentures, and usually, this service resolves any fit problems a patient is having after wearing their dentures for a while.

To reline your dentures, here’s a quick snapshot of the process we use:

  • Look for sores and irritation in the patient’s mouth to determine where the ill fit is occurring
  • The dentist adjusts areas of the dentures that may be causing problems
  • A soft resin is added to these areas, then the patient puts the dentures in (with soft resin attached) and bites down gently to make a new impression
  • Once the resin is dry, the reline is finished.

This is our basic relining process. There are specialized relining services (hard relining and soft relining) for special cases. If you need one of these services, we will inform you of the differences during your office visit.

Denture repairs range from simple to fairly complex. Our team can re-insert a tooth that has fallen out, repair cracked or broken dentures, and resurface the denture to make them more comfortable.

Same-day Service

For Eugene relines and repairs, there is no one who matches our speed and quality.

We can make repairs and reline dentures. Whether your dentures are chipped or broken. This includes strategically matching the shade and size of your dentures.

In-House Lab for Relines and Repairs Services

Pacific Northwest Implant Studio is the go-to in-house lab for relines and repairs services. Working with us means a shorter wait time for convenient denture relining and complete or partial dentures.

Having an in-house lab means patients from our practice and those outside of it can receive same-day dental services. They have no need to travel far, pay an expensive rate for outsourcing, or sacrifice their comfort. 

Many dental offices have sent their patients for lab work at Pacific Northwest Implant Studio for:

  • Day dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Reline adjustment
  • Denture repairs
  • Denture replacements

Complete and Partial Relines

Pacific Northwest Implant Studio can improve the experience of your dental features without necessarily requiring a complete replacement. The solution may be to rebase your current denture for a snugger fit. Your partial dentures may also experience this and can benefit from relining a poor fit. 

Bring new life to your dentures and enjoy eating your favorite foods without pain. Our in-house lab services can improve your life!

Benefits of Our In-House Lab Relines and Repairs Services

Our dental lab works directly with the dentists and patients to ensure all relines and repairs are perfect feeling and fitting. Our technicians thoroughly examine each patient’s mouth, jaw, gums, and teeth to provide the best care. The process is highly interactive and personal.

Some other advantages include more affordable treatment and less time waiting for much-needed dental services. That means you will not be left waiting for days or weeks during an emergency. You may even receive same-day care for repairs, replacements, or other lab work. 

Trust Pacific Northwest Implant Studio to handle your denture needs. From the creation of a brand-new set to all the repairs and upkeep needed to give you a radiant smile, we are the only team that can give you comprehensive service, reasonable prices, and superior patient care.


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