Owen Rose Garden

Owen Rose Garden

Eugene is known for its microbreweries, boutique wineries, and orchards. But it’s also known for its green spaces. At one time, Eugene was a pioneer in the landscape industry with the city being home to more parks than any other American city outside of New York City. Today, the city is still a leader in greenery with over 200 acres of land zoned for parks and community gardens. If you love flowers, biking, local brews and good times with friends and family then Owen Rose Garden should be on your bucket list this summer. The garden consists of a 9-acre park with four different gardens: an arboretum, rose garden, butterfly house and beer garden; the latter being our favorite at the park. Situated just north of downtown Eugene along High Streets onramp off Highway 101, this oasis is just minutes away from many popular local attractions such as Washington Lake State Park, Oregon Gardens Education Center and Willamette National Forest. This amazing garden is located at 300 N Jefferson St, Eugene, OR 97402.  A fantastic read

What You’ll Find at the Owen Rose Garden

The Owen Rose Garden is a 9-acre park and arboretum dedicated to the preservation and cultivation of roses. The park includes a perennial garden, rose garden, butterfly house, and a free-flow rose arboretum. The rose garden has over 200 rose varieties in bloom from June to October and includes several rose-specific gardens including a Japanese rose garden, a rock rose garden, a Japanese climbing rose garden, a rhododendron garden, a climbing/bramble roses and a wild rose garden. All of the gardens are planted with roses that are native to the Pacific Northwest and Oregon. The rose garden also has a large creek that runs through the middle of the garden and is home to several species of fish. There are also several walking bridges and benches throughout the rose garden that make it easy to get from one part of the garden to another.

Visit the Owen Rose Garden in Eugene with Kids

If you’re visiting with your family, then we would recommend visiting the Owen Rose Garden with them. You can find tips, information and activities at the Owen Rose Garden’s website or by following the garden on social media. The rose garden is also an excellent place to practice your patience and teach kids about gardening. With all of the free, enriching resources available to kids, there’s no better place for kids to learn and discover than the rose garden.

Visit the Owen Rose Garden on a Friday Night

If you’re visiting the Owen Rose Garden with friends or a date, then you need to visit on a Friday night. Friday nights are free to park and walk-in visitors are welcome. Check the Owen Rose Garden’s website for special events throughout the year, like the weekly Friday night live music performances. You can also attend one of the weekly City of Roses Book Clubs that meet at the garden. There are also several other special events throughout the year like the annual MLK Day Celebration and the annual Christmas Carols by the Creek.

Visit the Owen Rose Garden During Sunset Week

If you’re visiting the Owen Rose Garden with your partner or a friend’s partner, then you should visit during the Sunset Week celebration. Every year on September 23, the Owen Rose Garden hosts a Moonlight Walk where visitors are encouraged to bring their dogs and walk the park trails with their furry friends. The Moonlight Walk also includes a Moonlight Celebration where visitors are invited to bring their blankets and chairs so they can enjoy the evening with friends and family at the Owen Rose Garden. Learn more

Bottom Line

If you have time and the budget, then we encourage you to visit the Owen Rose Garden. This is a rare gem of a park in Eugene and is the perfect place for anyone that loves flowers, bikes, beer, the outdoors, and good times with friends and family. The rose garden is a must-visit for lovers of all things green.

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