Oregon Air and Space Museum

Oregon Air and Space Museum

The Oregon Air and Space Museum is located on the grounds of the Eugene Airport. There, you can see an extensive collection of historic spacecraft and aircraft. It also features a variety of exhibits about the history of air travel. Regardless of whether you’re an avid pilot or just a space nut, you’re sure to find something to impress you here. Come and visit this museum with your friends and family at 90377 Boeing Dr, Eugene, OR 97402. 

The museum features full-size WWII aircraft, artifacts, a scale-model collection, flight suits, and space technology. It also hosts special aviation events throughout the year. Open every day except Tuesdays, this museum is a great way to learn about the history of air and space flight. Click for more info

The Oregon Air and Space Museum is located at the south end of the Eugene Airport. It has two hangars devoted to historic aircraft. Among the museum’s exhibits are the McDonnell A-4 Skyhawk, Grumman A-6E Intruder, and MiG-17, as well as the Fokker DR-1 triplane. The museum also has over 1,200 scale model planes. Several of them commemorate Oregon’s fighter ace pilots.

If you want to get the most information about the museum’s aircraft, it’s best to take a tour guided by an expert. These tours take about an hour, and the docents are knowledgeable about each aircraft. Many of the aircraft are staffed by actual pilots who flew the missions. One gentleman who flew an Avenger Torpedo Bomber gave me a detailed history of his training and landing the historic fighter aircraft.

The museum has several exhibitions, including the Spruce Goose, a WWII bomber that was donated by the Aero Club of Southern California. It was moved for almost 10 years and has become the centerpiece of the museum’s collection. The museum also has an IMAX theater and a new Space Museum. The museum features more than 150 exhibits, including the iconic F-15A Eagle. Check it out here

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is located near Highway 18 in McMinnville. The museum opened its doors to the public on June 6, 2001 and includes exhibits from all eras of aviation. The museum also offers a space museum and an aviation-themed water park. A visit to the museum is sure to inspire you to pursue your own dreams.

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