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Eugene Dental Crowns

A crown can serve a few functions to restore a smile; it can cover a damaged tooth, enhancing aesthetics, or it can replace a missing tooth as part of a restoration such as an implant. Done correctly, a crown will last for years and give you confidence to talk, smile and eat without worry.

Our goal is for a crown to be undetectable. It should look and feel like your natural teeth and fit your bite as well.

At Pacific Northwest Implant Studio, we provide Eugene dental crowns for patients who have had dental problems in the past, as well as those hoping to avoid future issues.

Uses of Dental Crowns 

Crowns are one of the most versatile dental treatments in the field. There are several situations in which we may recommend a crown to fix:

  • A damaged tooth that is causing you pain or one that could break
  • A tooth with excessive cavities or previous fillings
  • Old crowns that have weakened over time
  • Switching out noticeable metal crowns for tooth-colored porcelain ones

A crown can replace missing teeth as well. A gap between teeth can cause shifting and may even lead to jaw problems. It will act as a placeholder for a missing tooth. This process can reshape a person’s face in some cases.  

Getting a Dental Crown

Crowns can be made of several different materials: 

  • Porcelain
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • “Gold” or “silver” crowns
  • Synthetic materials

The choice of material is largely up to the patient. Some options are more cost effective, while others blend in better with the existing teeth. These are options we will discuss in more detail during your visit.

Your specific crown placement procedure will depend on the reason you are getting the crown.

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